Super Build & Play

Super Build & Play is a mobile platforming game from Gameus!de in which players can create, share and play in their own custom levels. Gameplay is similar to that of classic Mario games, with the added level creation mode seen in Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

I produced artwork and animations for characters, backgrounds, environments, objects, icons and UI for the project.


There are four heroes in the game: Indino, Fairyo, Howdio, and Ninjio. Each has their own set of animations to allow moving, jumping, climbing and attacking.

Indino Idle Walking Shooting Running
Fairyo Idle Walking Shooting Running
Howdio Idle Walking Shooting Running
Ninjio Idle Walking Shooting Running


Dog Tortoise Falling Rock Carniverous Plant Vampire Bat

A guard dog, spikey tortoise, falling block, man-eating plant, and vampire bat.

Objects & Pickups

Spring Heart Gem Teleport Crate Coin Big Bomb Chest Mushroom


Outdoors Night Time Underground Caverns Spooky Forest



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