Heavy Weapon

A slot game based on Popcap's arcade shooter, Heavy Weapon, published under Gamesys' Lucky Gem Casino. The game was designed for release on facebook and mobile platforms but is unfortunately no longer available since Lucky Gems' closing.

Taking inspiration from the orginal, my part was to design and animate the base slot game, including the symbols, help panels, user interface and transition to the bonus round. With the exception of the UI, many of the assets used were adapted from those created by Popcap.

Gameplay from Popcap's Original

Low-Paying Symbols

The lowest paying symbols are based on the power-up and inventory icons used in the original game. Matching these along any of the betting lines will give the player a prize, with more being paid depending on the number of matches in the line.

Mid-Paying Symbols

The mid-paying symbols also pay a prize based on the number of matches in a line. On top of this however, the radioactive icons (in the lower left corner of each) indicate that matching this many of the symbol in a horizontal line will win a multiplier to the prize.

Highest-Paying, Wild, and Bonus Symbols

The Highest paying symbol wins the greatest prize for matching, and shows the tank commander barking orders at the player.

The Wild symbol has two variants that both count as the same symbol, but appear in different positions: the bombs will show up at the top of a column, while the missiles will show at the bottom of a column. Upon the appearance of a wild symbol, it will play an animation that results in it occupying the entire column it arrived in. It will then count as any symbol for the purposes of calculating a win line.

The bonus symbol works differently to other symbols. Multiple bonus symbols can appear after a spin. The game will pause and wait for the player to pick one of them, revealing the number of shots they will be allowed in the bonus round. Immediately after picking, the game will transition to the bonus round.

UI & Mobile

The interface is based on that of the original game, and is intended to feel like the chrome interior of the tank. Each button has a normal, rolled over, pressed, and disabled state.

Another version of the UI was made for smaller screens. This was designed to make use of the limited space more efficiently and make the text easier to read.

Mobile version of the interface. The darker areas on the left and right indicate the areas that are hidden when the screen is not widescreen.


Achievements that could be earned by the player, based on US Military ranks.