Mayan Eclipse

A Gamesys slot game, published under JackpotJoy Slots for web and mobile. I drew and animated many of the assets, including the sun and moon god, the logo, and the two guards standing on either side. I designed the overall look and feel for the game as well, while my colleague made the stonework archway, the background, the UI and the lower paying symbols.

The theme is that of the Mayans making offerings to the Gods to earn their favour. Should they be successful the Sun and the Moon will meet and create an eclipse, turning day into night. The fires become more intense and the guards fall to their knees in worship.



Two mid-paying symbols, a female Civilian and a male Jaguar Warrior.

Temple Guards

Either side of the temple are the Mayan guards, who will respond to wins with assorted celebration animations. In the bonus round, they will become lit as the nearby fire becomes more instense. When the gods arrive and the game transitions into the bonus round, they will kneel in reverence.

Roll over each guard to see it's animation.

Sun & Moon Gods

A bonus round will be triggered if both of the gods' symbols appears opposite eachother in the first and last columns. A transition animation will occur, in which the slots fade away to reveal the landscape behind. The sun and the moon arch accross the sky to create an eclipse, while the two god's symbols expand to reveal their full bodies and the number of free spins the player is now allowed to take.

© Jay Westcott 2017