I can offer any of the services below in a variety of styles. Don't worry if your request isn't covered here - if your task involves drawing then its highly likely I'll still be interested!

Feel free to contact me to discuss things further.


A fully drawn scene, comprising of interacting characters with a background.

Pixel Art Illustration ExampleCartoon Illustration Example

Portraits & Characters

An original character design for your project, such as a company mascot or fantasy hero.

Portrait Example of a Science Fiction Space ManPortrait Example of a Troll ShamanErrol Flynn Portrait ExamplePortrait Example of a Dragonborn CharacterPortrait Example of a PilotCharacter Portrait ExamplePortrait Example of Audrey HepburnCharacter Portrait ExampleNight Elf Portrait ExamplePortrait Example of a Young ManCharacter Design Example of a Science Fiction Robot


From looping game sprites to infographics and cartoons.

Hillbilly Idle Animated SpriteAdventurer Firing a Gun Animated SpriteSpikey Shelled Tortoise Walk Cycle Animated SpriteRunning Dog Animated SpritePixel Art Character Idle Animated SpritePixel Art Character Walk Cycle Animated SpritePixel Art Character Idle Animated SpritePixel Art Character Idle Animated SpriteAnimated Win Token from an Online Slot Game

Game Art

With experience in Flash and Unity, I can create animated art assets for your 2D game or virtual tabletop.

Character Token of a Fist Fighting HeroCharacter Token of a Roguish HeroCharacter Token of an Elven SorceressCharacter Token of a Dwarf WarriorTop-Down Fist Fighting CharacterTop-Down ArcherTop-Down SorceressTop-Down Dwarf WarriorScreenshot from a Platformer Game

User Interface

High quality graphical elements for your app, game or website.

Fighting Game Health BarsSuper Build And Play Level Designer UIHeavy Weapon Spin Interface Design

Miniature Design

Hand sculpted, resin cast miniatures for use in your tabletop games.

Photograph of Hand Painted Miniatures In Front of a Mountainous Background